At School

whiteboard |  सेतो पाटी
thigs at school-books
book | किताब  / पुस्तक
chair | कुर्सी
things at school-exercise book
exercise book | अभ्यास-पुस्तिका
things at home-eraser
eraser | रबर
things at school-desk
desk | डेस्क
things at school-ink
ink | मसी
things at school-marker
marker | मार्कर
things at school-paper
paper | कागज
things at school-pen
pen | कलम
things at school-pencil
pencil | पेन्सिल / सिसाकलम
things at school-playground
playground | खेल मैदान
things at school-student
student | विध्यार्थी
things at school-teacher
teacher | शिक्षक / शिक्षिका

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