Body Parts

eye | आँखा
nose | नाक
arm | पाखुरा / हात
body parts-legs
leg | खुट्टा
body parts-foot
foot | पैताला
body parts-head
head | टाउको
body parts-mouth
mouth | मुख
body parts-hand
hand | हात
body parts--ear
ear | कान
body parts-elbow
elbow | कुइनो
body parts-fingers
fingers | औँला
body parts-shoulder
shoulder | कुम
body parts-knee
knee | घुँडा
body parts-teeth
teeth | दाँत
body parts-neck
neck | घाँटी
body parts-chest
chest | छाती
body parts=waist
waist | कम्मर
body parts-stomach
stomach | पेट
body parts-ankle
ankle | गोलिगाँठो
body parts-heel
heel | कुर्कुच्चा
body parts-hair
hair | कपाल
body parts-eyebrow
eyebrow | आखीभौँ
body parts-lips
lips | ओठ
body parts-forehead
forehead | निधार
body parts-cheek
cheek | गाला
body parts-chin
chin | चिउँडो
Female holding her leg in pain from Meralgia Parasthetica caused by damaged nerves in the outer thigh.
thigh | तिघ्रा
body parts-wrist
wrist | नाडी

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