up माथि | down तल
opposites-open and close
open खोल्नु | close बन्द गर्नु
opposites-beautiful nad ugly
beautiful सुन्दर  / राम्रो | ugly कुरुप / नराम्रो
oppposites-black and white
black कालो | white सेतो
opposites-in (2)opposites-out (2)
in भित्र | out बाहिर
read पढ्नु | write लेख्नु
opposites-hot and cold 2
hot तातो | cold चिसो
opposites-new and old
new नयाँ | old पुरानो
opposites-young and old
young युवा / युवती | old बुढो / बुढी
Long and Short
long लामो | short छोटो
opposites-near and far
near नजिक | far टाढा
opposites-fast and slow
fast छिटो |slow ढिलो
opposites-happy n sad
happy खुसी | sad दुखी
opposites-short and long
tall अग्लो | short होचो
opposites-thn and fat
thin पातलो | fat मोटो
opposites-narrow and wide
narrow साँघुरो | wide चौडा

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