places n building-bank
bank | बैंक
places n building-bus station
bus station | बस-बिसौनी
places n building-church
church | गिर्जाघर / चर्च
places n building-cinema
cinema | चलचित्र
places n building- hospital
hospital | अस्पताल
places n building-hotel
hotel | होटेल
places n buiding-library
library | पुस्तकालय
monastery | गुम्बा
places n building-mosque
mosque | मस्जिद
places n building-police station
police station | प्रहरी चौकी
places n building-park
park | उधान / पार्क
places n building-shop
shop | पसल
places n building-temple
temple | मन्दिर

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